With the recent news that the SoCal Open 2020 event would not be taking place, we’ve decided to move forward with our Plan B scenario for the Narrative event.

This means that we’re going to be holding an online Crusade event that you can take place in.

Here are the high level details for what you need to know in order to sign up:

  • The commitment is for two games per day to be played on Oct. 24 and then Oct. 31st.
  • Games will be played either at home or at a local venue of your choice.
  • The conflict takes place inside of the Pariah Nexus on the mysterious planet Zephyrs. Check out our event landing page here!
  • You will need at least one partner to play against. Each of you should be on a unique event faction so that you can compete against one another. (More information on Event Factions here.)
    • If you have a group of players in a gaming “bubble”, feel free to sign-up as a group! We will work with you directly on how to navigate matchmaking.
    • When you sign-up, please include your partner’s name. Your partner should sign up at the same time so we have their information.
  • The narrative will be unfolding as the event goes on, including during the week between games and in a large, epic tale afterwards! Your deeds will be recorded and the story will evolve…

If you’re wondering what the format of the event itself looks like, wonder no more! Here are the details you need to play in the event:

  • We’ll be posting more detailed army-building rules soon, but the gist of it is that you’ll create a 2000 point Order of Battle for your Crusade army and the missions will be aimed toward 500 and 1000 point lists, but we are playtesting a higher point Crusade game for the finale. In general, progression will be sped up so that these 4 games will give you the chance to get some awesome upgrades and carve out a narrative.
  • After each game, you’ll submit your scores to us with some match details and narrative notes. This isn’t comprehensive – some Agendas you completed, cool iconic moments like Ork Boyz taking down a Knight Crusader themselves, a Warlord-on-Warlord duel, etc.
  • There will be unique missions dealing with the conflict on Zephrys styled after the new 9th Edition Crusade missions. These will be delivered via a Mission Pack approximately one week before the event so that players can study them and prepare.
  • We will be emailing attendees with information on an event Discord server as we get closer so that we can coordinate with you (and so you can give us feedback!) While it is not mandatory (we will send emails with information as well), it is highly encouraged you join!

If that all sounds awesome to you, here’s the sign-up sheet: https://forms.gle/RXW9WUN2RhjnRbh9A

If you have any questions about the event, you can contact the event organizer directly: Ryan@WarchiefGaming.com.