Storms of Zephrys Army Building Rules

Credit: Games Workshop During the Storm of Zephyrs Narrative Event, you’ll be taking your army on crusade across the planet - battling opponents from other factions and gaining experience and Requisition Points. We’ve been planning for this event all year and with the release of the Crusade System in 9th Edition, we have an entire system for progression and exciting moments READ MORE

The Factions of Zephrys

Factions of Zephrys During the SoCal Open 2020 Narrative Event, players will be joining factions of their choosing, each with a unique goal. These factions do not represent in-game or in-universe factions such as <IMPERIUM> or <XENOS>, but a unique grouping of armies who share a shred of common purpose in the conflict. While a Strike Force of Ultramarines and Black Legion Warband do READ MORE

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