SoCal Open 2020 Narrative Event Plan B

With SoCal Open 2020 fast approaching and its likelihood uncertain at this time, we’ve devised a “Plan B” scenario for running the 40k Narrative Event. Should SoCal Open 2020 be cancelled, we will be running an online narrative event instead. But what does that mean for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of the plan... First and foremost, if you have a ticket to the READ MORE

SoCal Open Landing Page Now Live!

We’d like to point you towards the new landing page for the SoCal Open 2020 Narrative Event, which is now live! Here you’ll learn about the conflict on Zephrys, the format of the event, and more. In due time, more will be added to the page including the Mission Pack, faction progress, and some post-event narrative. Keep an eye on our blog and READ MORE

Warchief Gaming Runs the Warhammer 40k Narrative Event for SoCal Open 2020!

Warchief Gaming is excited to announce that we will be running the Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Event at SoCal Open 2020. You can join us October 24th and 25th for an epic weekend of narrative gaming in the 41st Millenium using the new Crusade system. Players will be split into factions and fight for control of a lone planet in an embattled system, taking READ MORE

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