Credit: Games Workshop

During the Storm of Zephyrs Narrative Event, you’ll be taking your army on crusade across the planet – battling opponents from other factions and gaining experience and Requisition Points. We’ve been planning for this event all year and with the release of the Crusade System in 9th Edition, we have an entire system for progression and exciting moments for your army without having to give you pages and pages of custom rules! With that being said, there are a handful of changes we’ll be making in our Mission Pack and we wanted to give you some info for the army-building aspect so you can plan ahead.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need to do for our event. Please check out the Crusade rules, starting at page 306 in the core rule book, before you continue reading!

Create a 100 PL/2,000 Point Order of Battle. 

Firstly, since the event is being played among people who are independently setting up games, you can use Power Level or Points to create your Order of Battle and play, it is entirely up to you! We prefer to use points in order to keep the games as fair and fun as possible, but we know there are a lot of PL fans out there who prefer its simplicity for Crusade games.

You may also notice that we are starting with a 100 PL/2,000 point Order of Battle! The reason for this is that with only 4 games over the course of the event, your roster would not naturally be able to grow very much and we would rather that players spend their Requisition Points on more exciting things! In light of that, we’ll also be adjusting the rate that players earn RP and XP in the form of bonus Agendas.We’ll have more information on that later…

When you’re building your Order of Battle, keep in mind that games will be at the 500, 1000, and 1500 point levels, so you will never use your entire Order of Battle. You’ll want those extra 500 points to be things you can swap in and out, and you might want to leave some room for swapping in upgraded weapons if you’re using points!

Spend Your 5 RP!

As you’re building your Order of Battle, we encourage you to spend all of your RP from the get-go! After each game, we’ll be handing out more RP than a traditional Crusade, and we definitely don’t want you to hit the cap. Since there’s no roster increase method via Increase Supply Limit, we encourage you to spend it as much as you can so that you can always go into the next battle with the coolest toys you can fit into your army lists.

What about my new Codex?

If you’re a Space Marines or Necrons player, you may be receiving a new Codex before or even on the day of the event! If your opponents are cool with it, we have no problem with using your new rules. We do ask that you double check your point values before your games as your Order of Battle may change due to any changes that come with the Codex. Our focus here is a smooth narrative gaming experience rather than a strict set of rules – something we can do due to the online nature of the event.

More to come!

With your Order of Battle ready to go, you’re probably wondering what else will change with our Crusade event. As mentioned, we’ll have more details in the coming weeks as we lead up to the event, but you can expect to learn more about our Faction Agendas, XP changes, and more. Additionally, we’ll be putting up a Discord next week where you can chat and we’ll answer questions about the event.

As always, you can contact us on our Facebook page and Twitter page!